Kids From Across the State Compete in the Decatur Lakeside Kids Triathlon

Kids From Across the State Compete in the Decatur Lakeside Kids Triathlon

Posted on July 8, 2017 by Jeff Daly

July 8 – The Grim Reaper Fitness Kids Team traveled from Bloomington early Saturday morning to compete in the Lakeside Triathlon at the Commodore Decatur Yacht Club on Lake Decatur.

Coach Wendy Smith said their kids, aged 6 to 14, competed at last year’s final Rodney T. Miller Triathlon and were looking forward to this year’s event. Triathlon organizer Gene Mueller was thrilled with the weather and said with a huge smile, “This is my favorite weekend of the year!”

28 boys and girls competed in this year’s Triathlon/Duathlon which featured competitors in the 9-14 year old range, and 5-8 year olds who competed in a slightly shorter Duathlon. Volunteer Coordinator Kim Mangan said they had approximately 100 volunteers on hand to help facilitate this year’s race.

The top 3 finishers and their times in each race are as follows:

Triathlon: 250 Yard Swim/3.4 Mile Bike Ride/1 Mile Run

1st Evan Griffith of Decatur 23:38

2nd Eva Griffith of Decatur 25:01

3rd Ainsley Matthews of Normal 25:14


Duathlon: 1 Mile Run/3.4 Mile Bike Ride/ 1 Mile Run

1st Jackson Wallen of Decatur 31:34

2nd Kaidon Higgins of Latham 32:48

3rd Lily Leaks of Decatur 33:09


Duathlon: Ages 5 – 8, .5 Mile Run/1.5 Mile Bike Ride/.5 Mile Run

1st Brynn Diedrich of Willowbrook 14:32

2nd Mesfin Diedrich of Willowbrook 16:49

3rd Connor Smith of Tremont 17:28